I had a blog before. It was called Vespaway. Although it was celebrated in mainstream press and underground circles alike, it did draw criticism. Most of the complaints I got centered on the idea that many posts were “off topic.” I never responded directly, but continued to blog and correspond in a way that I hoped would clarify the topic itself.

The topic was not Vespa per se. It was all about a way of life that was made a little easier and more enjoyable with a Vespa in it. Sure, sometimes it focused squarely on the anticipated release of a new model arriving from Italy, how the product had performed in European tests, and maybe what colors would be available.

Color commentary in a much larger sense and play-by-play coverage were somehow reversed in this game. One could say rather that the lifestyle provided the action and the scooter news provided the filler. It made perfect sense to plenty of people, but you could certainly see why many more were confused. They grabbed the RSS feed because they wanted to know when the GTS 250 would be released in the States. Maybe they had heard I would have the inside scoop on that. They were not interested in what I did with my family and friends while we waited, along with the rest of America’s eager riders, for that exciting day.

I mean, I wrote about riding an LX150 as fast as I possibly could on Ocean Parkway. But it was more about passing Jones Beach and stopping for clam chowder on the way to Fire Island than it was about whether I could get the thing up to 70MPH. And when I did do that (in full tuck with the wind at by back) the fun in the beautiful sunset was darkened by the reminder I would need a 250 if I wanted to make Manhattan by nightfall. Worse, I didn’t even go to Fire Island, so it was all chowder.

Now, five years later, I am sitting at the edge of a Chevy dealership, looking at trucks that might fit Harleys in the back. I could say, “hey, it’s not for me; it’s for a friend.” This would only punctuate the irony.

I’m not going for irony. Irony is a cheap thrill for those who are new to the realization that it is all one. Either that, or a routine fix for compulsive Deconstructionists. I am going for deeper understanding. OK, wait. Maybe I kid the kidders. I do find that both new perspectives and endless epistemelogical unravellings can create insight. Just as much as the next guy, right?

It’s just that what I am saying is that there is very little difference between having a Vespa and having a life or, for that matter having a Harley. That we as a Species are separated by one or two genomic differentiators from not only the monkeys but also the bananas is old news! Sometimes people seem to seek understanding, to find sense and meaning in things, only by determining simple differences. Big vs little. Man vs. Machine. Yankees vs. Red Sox. If you love baseball, you like both. If you love Leonardo da Vinci, you like both. If you love your mother you like both.