My Great Aunt was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when she was quite young. They believed it may have been related to her having had Rheumatic Fever when she was super young. They treated the debilitating pain with gold. I just found this out. They injected the precious metal into her system and it worked. She went to the doctor because her hands could not pick up her baby. After the gold treatment her hands started to work again, so she went to work as an administrative assistant and was typing on a typewriter for the next forty years. Then she w


typing on a computer

  for another twenty years


until she retired at age eighty-five. This year she’s ninety. We always say she has gold-plated bones, and now I know the meaning is literal.

For it’s a long long while / from May to December . . .
                                       — Kurt Weill (September Song)