Happy Chinese New Year!

Kung Fu Flash Kid is six (and a half) now. Do you want to know what happened to last year? Nothing worth publishing.

I started this blog with the idea it would be a travel journal during my trip to China in 2010. I started it while waiting for the plane in Newark. When I landed in Shanghai I discovered WordPress was blocked, as was Twitter.

Upon returning, I went to disable the account but, discovering I had had no visitors to Hello World in six months, I decided to keep it open for myself. Now I am toying with the notion of attempting some connection among bloggers I like. Do I start again from scratch instead of exposing the humble beginnings of Strangely Familiar? Do I hide the ones that might have been more humble and just leave the stubs? What would be the value in that? There is no value in the blog being three years old if there are only three posts in it.

I welcome your feedback. I welcome the dragon.