International Day of Peace used to happen on the 11th of September, but got moved in 2001 to the 21st of September. Without digging into details, we may simply say this eventually opened up eleven whole days for the Global Unity Games.

On the first day of Global Unity Games 2016 teams formed of Civic programs, Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, and Interfaith groups to pack over two million meals to feed the hungry in and around New York City and Washington DC. It should also be noted, speaking of DC, that the Presidential Candidates agreed to refrain from any campaigning that day.

As some of the given themes for a given day from Sep. 11 through Sept. 21 were extended from one day to the next, the theme of Patience was extended beyond the eleven day challenge while you waited for overall scores. Thank you for your patience!

Final Results:
**40 Countries **405 Reports **265 Teams
**500 Individual Agents **22,872.50 Volunteers
**71,112.25 Hours Served **2,843,348.15 People Directly Served
**$81,288,809.50 monies raised for local & global causes!!!!!

Game on!! This is an example of what we all can do together in a collaborative “WE” space in 11 days!! Thank you to all who supported and played with us!

Check out the Final Scoreboard where you can see all the teams & individuals scores in detail. HERE:
See stories from around the world on the compassion report map here:…/compassion-report
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